Apr 14

Tennis in Kosovo Part II: The Past and Future

The challenge of starting tennis, almost from scratch. It’s been quite a test for Kosovo to be able to establish and grow the sport, despite the success of many players from the former Yugoslavia. Think Seles, Ivanisevic, Djokovic and Cilic, all Grand Slam winners. (You’d forgotten Cilic for a second, right?) In the 1990’s, as …

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Apr 07

Kosovo’s Davis Cup Debut – when losing to Liechtenstein isn’t that bad

The European-African Davis Cup Zone III is not always the area where a lifetime’s hopes are reached. The 2016 round robin was held in Estonia, at the Tare Tennis Centre in the capital, Tallinn. But one team really were thrilled to just to be there to take on Liechtenstein, Greece and the hosts. That was …

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Feb 12

The Challenges of Challengers – Alison Lee Interview

It’s scattered over virtually every continent, taking in plenty of towns and cities you have never heard of without tennis (Granby, Canada, this means you) and is a vital pathway in player development, as well as being a spectacle in its own right via streaming, and in the current climate, lest we forget, a popular …

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Jan 12

Australian Open Qualifying Preview 2016

With players barely recovered from the off-season, it’s already time for those clustered outside the top 100 to go hell for leather in Australian Open qualifying for a big cheque, increased profile, precious ranking points and just a chance to be noticed. For the past couple of years the Australian Open’s You Tube Channel has …

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Dec 19

Five Tennis Players facing a big 2016

As some rise into the top 100 – yes, we mean you, Inigo Cervantes – others, inevitably, disappear down the rankings on the ATP Tour. The replenishing and renewal of tennis talent base is one of the sport’s fascinations, along with the unmerciful number cruching of the rankings computer. If you win matches, you make progress. Lose …

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Dec 13

Five Tennis People of 2015

With tennis largely shutting up shop for the year (although the Futures circuit really is in perpetual motion) it’s time to look at five figures in the tennis world who have done something worth mentioning, be it for year long work or, on occasion, just a glorious one off. 2015 saw some themes continue, with …

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Nov 25

Challenger Tour Finals: Eight chase success

If you haven’t had enough round robin tennis to end the year, there’s one more glorious opportunity to take some in as the ATP Challenger Tour Finals take place in Sao Paulo. Two groups of four will battle it out, just as their bigger brother event does in London, with the luxury of four singles …

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Nov 12

Futuropolis: Filip Peliwo’s Bath-time experience

Futures Land at the University of Bath (courts 1-3) It’s a Thursday lunchtime in Bath, the picturesque city in the west of England, which has been busy since Roman times thanks to its baths. A couple of miles outside the city centre lies the University of Bath, which has become something of a sports hub. …

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Sep 17

Davis Cup – Five Players with a Long Weekend

It’s one of the most intriguing weekends of the tennis year, as some players summon their heaving bones from the US Open to go through their final Davis Cup tie of the campaign. There are lots of arguments about where Davis Cup fits in the schedule, the format (although not from this quarter) but it …

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Aug 20

Tales of the 250s: Who thrives at the entry level

Thiem is a terrifying sight for 250 players (pic: e|motion/zolles.com/Christian Hofer) While some exhausted tennis fans welcome a month off when the ATP calendar is dominated by 250 events, for many players these are vital times. Players looking to move or survive can boost their chances handsomely with a successful run our two. Those who struggle to …

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