Monthly Archive: January 2012

Jan 28

Let’s parlez Prodon un more temps

The week after a Grand Slam event is always one to be savoured. While the big names go into temporary hibernation, the eyes of the rest of the tennis world light up. Prize money, easier to earn ranking points and, oh my, direct entry into ATP 250 Tour events are all available. The upcoming week …

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Jan 27

Sun rising on Japanese tennis

Japanese men’s tennis. Not usually a subject that quickens the pulses, even in Japan. You might get a passing reference to Shuzo Matsuoka and then a general silence and staring at feet, or shuffling of papers. Then it’s time to get back to whether Rafa still loves Roger, or the delights of the Wozzilroys. But …

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Jan 23

The curious case of Andrey Golubev

Every so often, players burst into the top 100 and shows considerable promise, only to apparently disappear into the depths of the ranking computer as fast as they arrived. That fate seems to have befallen Andrey Golubev, and while many will shed few tears, as the Russian succumbed to the lure of the Kazak petro-dolloar, …

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Jan 20

Anatomy of a Tennis Press Conference

Your blog writer has had the actual experience of attending real, live, press-conference at proper ATP and WTA events. Honestly. What I soon learned was the formula to these events, well practiced and observed by both parties, probably on an unconscious level. So, let me present, without further ado, how the news hits your back …

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