Monthly Archive: January 2014

Jan 30

Davis Cup: Top Men, Journeymen and more

Having established that there’s a healthy number of elite players involved in Davis Cup this time round (see last post), there are still a number of men outside the usual spotlight who have a real opportunity to show off their talents and make an impact in this weekend’s Davis Cup matches in the top 16 …

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Jan 29

Davis Cup: Are the top players missing?

The arguments of the tennis year can follow as familiar a pattern as the calendar itself. The Australian Open brings talk of grunting, equal prize money and its early start. Then, after that, the question is do the elite players shun the Davis Cup, regarding it as an anachronistic thing that is a distraction from …

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Jan 27

Australian Open Reflections: Robert’s number comes up and question time.

Stephane Robert is Captain Cook

As the elite scrapped for the prizes at the Australian Open, for many it’s a distant memory. The tennis wheel continues to turn for the rest, with Challengers and Davis Cup nominations to delight, disappoint, or fizzle out in behind closed doors discussions (or e-mails) about the fees being offered to play. But some can …

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Jan 23

The Tattoos that tell all – in honour of Stanislas Wawrinka

Stan Wawrinka's Tattoo

You might have thought Stanislas Wawrinka’s success in reaching the Australian Open final (and promptly being written off before his opponent was even known) was down to his fine backhand, or the adept coaching of Magnus Norman. This is of course, nonsense. What’s really helped is the advice he has tattooed on his arm, which …

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Jan 12

Some Ongoing Tennis Themes of 2014

The tennis off-season is long gone. With Christmas negotiated (or not for Arabic, Israeli, Japanese and other readers) the mayhem of matches, draws, ranking and points is back underway and the Australian Open is almost upon us. So before the complete descent into irregular sleep patterns (for most of us), the punching or the air …

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Jan 12

Australian Open: Qualifiers Aiming to Shine

The Australian Open, for reasons of global pretension, or out of some pan-continental obligation, or a desire for car company sponsors, likes to call itself the Grand Slam of the Asia-Pacific. So it might have been met with a sense of joy that two Asian players came through the qualifiers to make the main draw. …

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Jan 07

Australian Open qualifiers 2014

With barely a blink of an eye, albeit plenty of pulled quadriceps and challenged glutes the first Grand Slam of 2014 is on us. The year remains in its infancy, and form is delightfully scarce, even though withdrawals are not. Someone has to be top of the shop in qualifying though, and that’s Dustin Brown …

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