Monthly Archive: January 2015

Jan 17

Sam Hutt climbs off the tennis treadmill

“I didn’t want to keep asking my parents to fund me, though I am sure they were willing to sacrifice to do so. I just felt like I was taking and taking. You want to give something back to them and psychologically it affected me.” Those are the words of Sam Hutt, a¬†player who was …

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Jan 16

Australian Open Qualifying Preview

With a blink of the eye and trip to New Caledonia, Australian Open qualifying arrived. This year’s final round already seems to have a slightly different feel from Slam qualifiers of recent year. Many of the veterans involved seem like real, gnarled, veterans (in the gently ageing world of professional tennis) and some of the …

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Jan 12

Tennis Round Up 2015 – Week One

In an effort to keep myself informed, as much, as you on the week’s tennis, it’s time for a weekly round up now the tournament season is back into full swing. A week of 250 events spread across different time zones, with players coming back from off-seasons of contrasting length, and effectiveness. Some have injury …

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