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Potito is our kind of guy

Foot Soldiers of Tennis is about, well… the Foot Soldiers of Tennis. Those who heroically fill the opening rounds of an ATP 250 while the top four seeds go around getting foot rubs while having their first round bye.

If you want a blog that focuses on Roger, Rafa, and friends, well we have our opinions on those – but there are plenty more out there. Most of them are better informed. We’ll also try and maintain a level of detatchment – while we have our favourites there is a ban on too twee nicknames here.

We much prefer those days when the journeyman has his finest hour (this is pretty much a men’s tennis blog) – or we claim to have spotted a genuine talent on the Challenger Tour. When Ivan Dodig beats Rafael Nadal, we wake up just that with an extra step in our stride. As we do when Eric Prodon is top seed in a clay court Challenger.

As usual, there will be no specific rhyme nor reason to posts – just when something bites, we will write.

In addition to talk of players, we’re interested in issues like prize money, the politics of the ATP Tour and so on. Expect entries on these.

The author/owner is a full-time journalist, but this is done entirely for fun, not money. While there are longer term ambitions for this blog, those can wait for the time being.

Ideas, criticism, comments – or just want to do a link exchange or similar? Leave a comment or get in touch via e-mail, our mail is ramblingauthor (at) footsoldiersoftennis.com



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  1. jim

    looking to contact some players seeking a coach….

    email me back…will give you a description of my past coaching career…

    25+ years coaching

    atp/wta tour

    was highly involved in development of 4 current top 100 players, including a recent top 10 player

  2. Edoardo Dalmonte

    Could Paolo Lorenzi be another good FSoT candidate? I love watching him play, he takes gurning, puffing and panting to another level. Watched him at Queen’s v Ito, was so happy to be there, part of a small crowd watching an Italian Journeyman try to break into a diminished draw and finally get some notoriety.

    1. Admin

      Yes, he’s certainly on my radar. Thanks for the kind words.

  3. BF

    Today I just woke up thinking about how brilliant would it be if a site like this existed. Being Italian I am proud of coming from a Foot Soldiers country (Starace, Lorenzi and off course Flavio Cipolla, one among the best tacticians in the game, by the way we have a Cipolla-like player called Thomas Fabbiano who’s showing interesting improvements). A part from Italian players I’m following with great interest Franco Skugor strong displays in this early 2013. Thanks again for this hidden gem!

  4. Janet

    Have you seen Tomas Buchhaas’s comments about futures? It took guts to speak out.

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