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Feb 12

The Challenges of Challengers – Alison Lee Interview

It’s scattered over virtually every continent, taking in plenty of towns and cities you have never heard of without tennis (Granby, Canada, this means you) and is a vital pathway in player development, as well as being a spectacle in its own right via streaming, and in the current climate, lest we forget, a popular …

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Jan 12

Some Ongoing Tennis Themes of 2014

The tennis off-season is long gone. With Christmas negotiated (or not for Arabic, Israeli, Japanese and other readers) the mayhem of matches, draws, ranking and points is back underway and the Australian Open is almost upon us. So before the complete descent into irregular sleep patterns (for most of us), the punching or the air …

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Jan 23

Two Challengers Remaining – Decisions for British Tennis

Britain’s two hard court challenger events, at Bath and Loughborough, won’t be taking place in 2013. It means the only professional men’s tennis staged in Britain at Challenger level and above will be on grass. The decision to end the two events (both were €42,500) is a complex one, seemingly based on a mixture of …

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Jan 11

The Challenger Calendar Latest

When the 2013 Challenger calendar emerged, the opening months of the year looked like it would offer suspiciously thin gruel to the up and comers, mid level grinders and futures escapees who form the Challenger circuit. As discussed here and on Heavy Topspin the number of challengers for the first three months of the year had …

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