Wanted! Tennis Fan Confessions

Whatever your strange superstitions, appalling ways you have fobbed off close friends to watch that match you couldn’t miss featuring your favourite player, or…well…anything, we’d love to hear them.

Total anonymity and discretion is assured.

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  1. Ian Rashid

    While not superstitious in any other aspect of my life, I allow my very favourite tennis players’ fortunes to dictate my life choices. My big faves include top players Venus and Federer to “foot soldiers” Tamira Paszek and Damir Dzumhur. If they win important matches or (yay) a tournament, I will allow myself to choose a far flung holiday destination, start a new project, or take a chance on a career decision. If they lose or go through a difficult patch I will cancel plans, stay in, not take a chance… At first, it was unconscious, but later I started to notice a pattern. Fortunately, I don’t have that many super-fave players….

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